Set your timer for 15 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible each day!

*Bottom Half Squats
*Reverse Lunge with Jump Kick
*Heisman Shuffle

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  • Vodka and Soda: 1.shot + 6oz club soda + wedge of lemon/lime (96 cal. 0 carb)
  • Jack and Coke: 2 shots + 8oz Diet Coke (195 cal. 0 carb)
  • Rum and Coke: 2 shots + 8  oz Diet Coke (172 cal. 0 carb)
  • Corona Light: (110cal 5 carbs per bottle)
  • NorCal Margarita: 2 shots tequila + juice and pulp of 1 lime + club soda to taste (100 cal. 0 carb)
  • Gin and Tonic: 1 shot gin + 6 oz soda water + splash of tonic water+ lime wedge (120 cal. 0 carb)
  • Whiskey and Ginger: 1 shot Jameson + 1/2C ginger ale (145 cal)
  • Light Mojito: 1 sliced lime + 2Tbsp mint muddled + 1/2tsp honey + 20z rum + 4oz club soda (150 cal. 0 carb)
  • Orange Sangria:1 bottle red wine + 1 cup light OJ + 1/4C brandy + 1/4C orange liquor + 2C club soda + 2T sugar + 2 oranges (100cal. 15 carb per serving)
  • Green Sangria: 1 bottle white wine + 1oz Midori Melon + 1/2 green apple cored and sliced + 1/2 lime + 1/4 cucumber + 10oz mint leaves + 1C club soda (115 cal 14 carb per serving)
  • Watermelon Fizz: 1oz tequila + 1/3C watermelon + splash agave + splash club soda + squeeze of lime (100 cal. 2 carb)
  • Light Colada: 2oz coconut vodka + 1/2 shot pineapple vodka + 3oz club soda + splash pineapple juice + squeeze lemon (170 cal 3 carb)
  • Bubbly Mary: 3/4C no-sodium tomato juice + juice of 1/2 lemon + splash Worcestershire sauce + dash hot sauce + 3oz champagne (110 cal. 10 carb)
  • Cape Codder: 1 shot vodka + 2 shots 100% cranberry juice + 1/4C club soda over ice (131 cal 12 carbs)
  • Light and Stormy: 1 shot light rum + 2 shots ginger ale over ice (135 cal 30 carbs)
  • Grapefruit Margarita: 1 shot tequila + juice of 1 lime + 1/2 grapefruit muddled (152 cal 10 carbs)
  • Grapefruit Vodka: Juice of 1/2 grapefruit + 1 shot vodka + 1/2C seltzer (148 cal 10 carbs)
  • Faux Cosmo: 1 shot raspberry vodka + 4oz club soda + splash of cranberry and lime juice + lime wedge (98 calories 3 carbs)
  • Moscato Spritzer: 3oz Moscato + 3oz seltzer (63cal 5 carbs)
  • Salty Chihuahua: 1 oz tequila + 3/4C grapefruit juice + splash orange liqueur (188 cal + 18 carbs)
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Anonymous said: I have depression, as well as cripplingly low self-esteem, to the point where I hardly ever leave the house, except for school and church, to avoid being seen by others. My therapist tells me that I should, every morning and every night, tell myself things I like about myself. The problem is, I can't think of anything I like about myself, inside or out. I hate myself and looking in the mirror makes me break down and cry. Whenever someone compliments me I think of excuses to not believe it. Help?

Stop thinking of surface compliments! Compliment your own ability to push through the depression and keep getting up every day. Seriously, just getting out of bed is something to be proud of! You woke up and that can be built on. Compliment your ability to see the beauty in other people, that you were kind to someone at church, that you worked hard in a class. Even if you don’t believe it, say it. Eventually work up to complimenting your body/hair/face - again, even if you don’t believe it, say it anyway. Surprisingly, faking it till you make it can work in this situation. If you keep telling yourself how freaking fabulous you are, you’ll create those neural pathways in your brain.

Do things that make you proud of yourself. Do good deeds. Work on art, even if it isn’t great. Write, read, watch movies, write screenplays, dance, do things that you can say, ‘hey, I made that!’ about.

*Also, keep up going to counseling and working hard in your therapy sessions!

Anonymous said: Okay. I'm so glad I found this blog. I've always had horrible self esteem because I've never thought I was pretty and I've always thought I was fat. It doesn't help that in first grade I was told I was fat by a mean girl, and I have never had a real boyfriend, and I'm an eighteen year old virgin going away to college in a month. I just don't know how to feel important at all when no one other than people who have to love me, like family, love me. It's a horribly lonely feeling. How do I change?

For one, you need to forget that mean girl because you’re both different people now. Kids can be really cruel because they don’t realize the emotional consequences yet.

As for no one loving you, that’s untrue. Also, families don’t have to love you. Families can absolutely hate each other (I should know). I understand that you feel lonely, but if you build up some confidence you can make your own family in college. Blood doesn’t make you family, someone has to earn that from you.

Work on complimenting yourself every day. Stand in the mirror and say, ‘I am smart, I am funny, I am sassy, I a bright shining star that anyone would be lucky to have in their life.’ It might feel silly at first, but you’ll eventually believe it.

I think the best friendship you can have is with yourself, but making friends is good too! Start small with drive by compliments: ‘Cute shoes!’ or ‘I love your dog!’ Build up to bigger conversations. Complain about your psych homework with classmates. Talk to a guy about the book he’s reading. Talk to people you think might have the same interests as you. Fake it till you make it. Smile, compliment, converse, and leave! Don’t overanalyze it, just think of every positive conversation and every good self esteem day as a victory!

Also, check out this list of celebs who kept their virginity for a long time (because your number of partners doesn’t freaking define you).

Anonymous said: I know you probably don't usually give advice for these sorts of things, but my sister has recently passed away after a long battle with cancer and I've decided to take my niece. I love her very much but now I'm very anxious! I'm the "free-spirited" type and the thought of losing that freedom scares the hell out of me! Haha, to make it worse, my friends keep joking about how "my life is over now". Do you have any ways I can calm down?

Not to be mean, but your friends don’t tell very funny jokes. What you’re doing is very admirable and amazing and, yes, challenging! I can’t imagine the stress and fear you must be feeling on top of your grief. I think at times like this, it’s best to try to find people who understand. Join a support group, even if it’s online. Stick close to your family. Be with people who are floored by what you’re doing. You aren’t losing your freedom, you’re starting a new chapter in your life with one very lucky girl!

Children change everything, but if every parent felt like their life was over, it would catch on and people would stop having babies and know where it would go from there. Children are difficult and sometimes downright impossible, but go talk to a mom and ask her how she feels about her daughter. She’ll probably tell you she’s a monster, but that she loves her so much and she’s the light of her life and that her world was completely different before she was born, and now it’s only more full.

There will be days you’ll pull your hair out, but also days that you’ll tuck her into bed and cry because she’s just so beautiful. Take a deep breath, take a bath if you need to, stop planning and panicking and take one entire night just for you. Order your food, drink and entire bottle of wine. Sleep late. Wake up. Get ready to start again. Get out of bed thankful that you’re still here and that you have a big enough heart to give this child a loving home, then concentrate on just getting through that day. Before you know, years will have passed and you’ll be crying your eyes out at her high school graduation.

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Anonymous said: one of my really close friends has low self esteem bc she hasn't had a boyfriend, she thinks she's ugly (when she's actually really beautiful.) & she thinks she's fat. like I hate when she tells me stuff like that because it hurts to see one of my friends like that. I used to be like her & I know how hard it is. I just hate when she says stuff like that. idk what to do or how to help her. can you give me some advice? thanks.

  1. Hug her.
  2. Tell her you love you.
  3. Tell her she is smart and kind and has the best damn laugh you’ve ever heard.
  4. Tell her you appreciate her in your life and you’re lucky she’s your best friend.
  5. Tell her you love her personality.
  6. Tell her she’s gorgeous when she smiles.
  7. Tell her that she’s going to change the world.
  8. Repeat these steps on a regular basis.

It’s really important for her to realize she’s beautiful on more levels than the surface and that she has an important, influential, amazing existence. Those things make her beautiful. Remind her, even when she kicks and screams and whines and hates you for it (because she really loves you for it and if you say it enough she’ll eventually believe it).

Anonymous said: Is it appropriate to schedule a gyno appt just to ask questions about health/sex? I don't have any actual medical complaints but no one ever taught me about sex. I've only ever had 1 appt for that but she was a good doc.

Yes! You can go to your regular doctor and be like, why do I have moles here and what’s up with the fact that I suck at running or why do I sleep shitty some nights. It’s okay to go and not need an examination. She might suggest an exam, depending on your age etc, but that’s 100% up to you!

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